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Martin Luther University College


75 University Ave. W. Waterloo, ON N2L 3C5

Phone number:

519–884–0710 (Ext. 3498)



Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada

Distance Education Available:


Enrollment: 180

Featured Degrees:

BA in Christian Studies and Global Citizenship, Master of Divinity, Master of Divinity-MA in Theology, MA in Theology and Spiritual Care, MA in Theology and Psychotherapy, and MA in Public Faith and Spirituality. PhD in Human Relationships and Pastoral Leadership and PhD in Human Relationships and Spiritual Care and Psychotherapy.

Mission Statement:

Inspiring lives of meaning and service in God’s world by inviting spirituality to accompany academic curiosity.

Description: Martin Luther University College is a Lutheran host to a multifaith community. Students come from roughly 31 different faith traditions, or from No faith tradition at all. All are welcome to apply. Luther is the founding institution of, and is federated with, Wilfrid Laurier University.

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